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New Testament Survey PB - Kevin Conner & Ken Malmin

New Testament Survey PB - Kevin Conner & Ken Malmin



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With just a glance, you can discover the key words, phrases, verses, and outlines for each book of the New Testament. This complete resource guide provides a brief, yet clear, overview of each book and is the perfect companion to any type of Bible study.
New Testament Survey addresses the New Testament in succinct understandable points, understanding the part and relating them to the whole. It is designed to give a patterned glimpse at each book of the New Testament. This has been done by applying these ten points to each book: (1) Titles, (2) Author, (3) Date, (4) Key Words and Phrases, (5) Key Verses, (6) Purpose, (7) Message, (8) Outline, (9) Summary, and (10) Christ Seen
The Books Of The New Testament
1. Matthew The King
2. Mark The Servant
3. Luke The Perfect Man
4. John The Son of God
5. Acts The Holy Spirit
6. Romans Justification
7. I Corinthians N.T. Church Order
8. II Corinthians Apostolic Qualification
9. Galatians Christian Liberty
10. Ephesians The Church
11. Philippians Joy and Rejoicing
12. Colossians The Head of the Body
13. I Thessalonians The Second Coming of Christ in Coming
14. II Thessalonians The Second Coming of Christ in Judgment
15. I Timothy The Minister - Qualifications
16. II timothy The Minister - Doctrine
17. Titus The Minister - Godliness
18. Philemon Reconciliation
19. Hebrews Christ's Priesthood
20. James Faith and Works
21. I Peter Suffering and Glory
22. II Peter True Knowledge
23. I John Love
24. II John Truth - Doctrinal
25. III John Truth - Practical
26. Jude The Apostates
27. Revelation Ultimates 


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