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Visual Bible For Kids: The Story You Can Believe In/ The Stories Of Jesus DVD -  Tommy Nelson

Visual Bible For Kids: The Story You Can Believe In/ The Stories Of Jesus DVD - Tommy Nelson



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The Story You Can Believe In
Does God have the power to change kids in today's world?
Like many teens today, Allyson has a fractured family life and challenges that seem insurmountable. Discouraged, unencouraged, and avoiding any commitment, she must find a way to change her attitude - or face expulsion from school, and even more trouble!
Enter an enthusaistic music teacher with a story about how God has the power to change kids' lives - even in today's complicated world. With a commanding story of her own and compelling music, the sympathetic teacher, played by Word recording artist Nicole C Mullen, gives Allyson a reason to change and comtemporary God in which to believe.
The Stories of Jesus
Special guest Bibleman shows kids what made Jesus sad, mad, and glad.
When Miss Hamilton's class come to the studio to watch filming of the newest Bibleman adventure, the irritable director makes it clear that he finds these kids a nuisance. Miles Peterson (Willie Aames) has a discussion with the kids about times when Jesus showed strong emotions, and this seems to soothe the escalating tensions.  But when mishaps begin to occur, the director loses his temper - revealing that he's really Bibleman's arch-enemy! A climatic scene between Bibleman and the Mighty Master of Misery makes this field trip one the kids will never forget!
* Contains 2 full-length videos
* Chapter selection
* Computer wallpaper and screen savers
Ages 6 and up

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