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The Secrets of Divine Strength And Youthfulness (3 DVDs) - Joseph Prince

The Secrets of Divine Strength And Youthfulness (3 DVDs) - Joseph Prince



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Sarah was the only woman in the Bible who had her youth renewed—literally—in her old age, such that two kings wanted her! She even conceived and bore Abraham a healthy son. Moses, at 120 years old, still had perfect eyesight and was as strong as a young man. Caleb, at the age of 85, declared that he was as strong as he had been at the age of 40, not just for daily activities, but also for war! And he proved it by claiming a whole mountain and driving out the giant inhabitants. So what are the secrets to their divine strength and youthfulness? The astounding answers and truths revealed by Joseph Prince will charge you up spiritually and give you the faith to receive a literal renewal of youth and the miracle you are believing God for! 3-DVD Album (3 Sermons—approx. total duration: 3hr 12min) Disc 1: The Secrets Of Divine Strength And Youthfulness—Secrets of Sarah (Approx.: 1hr 00min) Disc 2: The Secrets Of Divine Strength And Youthfulness—The Secret Of Moses (Approx.: 1hr 15min)

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